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Minted Prose Children’s, Science Fiction, and Travel Books

Find your next adventure. The book is just the beginning.

Our Inspiration

Our offerings in science fiction reveal the wonder of science.

Our travel books show how life can be an adventure.

Our children’s stories celebrate people, animals, and their dreams.

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Our Story: nearly two decades in Books

We at Minted Prose are celebrating nearly two decades in books. We are proud that the US Library of Congress acquired all of our books based on their selection criteria. Not every book is acquired by the Library. Our books are within their system and on their shelves, which enables patrons of the Library to request our books for research or simply for enjoyment.

The books are also discoverable by libraries based in the United States. Recognition by the library for our passion for quality books is rewarding. We hope all the visitors to our website enjoy our collection.

Our science fiction, children’s and travel book readers share our curiosity and are always enthusiastic. Like us, they’re “future seekers,” “dog fanciers,” and “wanderlusters” seeking a bit of wonder, adventure, and dreams.

Naturally we serve up unique books, but also seek to fill out the cultural millieu. We want to surprise and delight you with multimedia content. We’ve also aligned with whom we think is the best tour guide in Europe for specialized journeys.

Our curiosity is leading us in exciting directions so stay tuned for more new things from Minted Prose! We’ll be sharing all this on Facebook and Twitter so follow us there! ~Linda Fischer

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