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PRESS RELEASE: Minted Prose and ZoOm Hungary to Exhibit at 2016 New York Times Travel Show

Publisher and Travel Company Team up to Showcase Hungary Past and Present


  • Minted Prose and ZoOm Hungary exhibiting at The New York Times Travel Show, January 8–10, 2016 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC–Halls 3D/E, booth #467
  • Show special: first 100 to book a ZoOm Hungary tour receive $100 discount and The Memory Book: One Woman’s Self-Discovery . . . by Linda Fischer
  • New tour created features places mentioned in The Memory Book
  • Minted Prose and ZoOm Hungary supports Hungarian dance performance

Minted Prose, publisher of The Memory Book: One Woman’s Self-Discovery in the Mist of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, and ZoOm Hungary, a Budapest-based travel company, will be exhibiting at The New York Times Travel Show, January 8–10, 2016 at the Jacob K. Javits Center, NYC–Halls 3D/E. This represents the first time Minted Prose and ZoOm Hungary have participated in the show. Its booth is number 467. They will focus on Hungary present and past, offering a tour of places mentioned in The Memory Book. The tour is designed to take the traveler back to historic Hungary even as they enjoy the wonders of the present.

In addition, Fischer will be introducing the Hungarian dance performance on the Consumer Stage on Sunday, January 10, starting at 12:15 PM EST.

“The Hungarian folk dance is enchanting and enthralling,” said Magdolna Fekete, Director, Hungarian National Tourist Office, New York. “Attendees can immerse themselves in the traditions and folk music of Hungary.”

Fischer will be on hand to provide insights into The Memory Book, which grew out of the former Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. The Memory Book recounts the discovery of a century old memory book by a New York woman. The story connects the author with a global community, contemporary New York and the tumult of the early twentieth century as World War I erupts. More about the book can be found at The book includes historical facts from that period. Fischer will also recount the travels inspired by the book, which were organized by ZoOm Hungary. ZoOm Hungary is a full service travel agency and its Managing Director Richard Bogdan will explain the current menu of customized tours in and around Hungary.

“The travel show is a fantastic place to connect with travelers and readers,” said Fischer. “The event showcases a truly unique, real story about a girl living a century ago in the old Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.”

“ZoOm Hungary transcends the typical travel tour and personalizes the experience of traveling in Hungary,” said Bogdan. “The spirit of the places come alive with an explanation of the history and the culture thanks to the concept of sight-doing instead of sight-seeing.”

An expert on the Central European Region, Bogdan is a pioneer of “sight-doing” rather than of sightseeing tours. His innovative ideas led him to create for his customers. Prior to founding, he was the chief editor of TTG Hungary and Globe Travel & Lifestyle.

The Memory Book Tour was created to follow the footsteps of the young owner of the Memory Book. ZoOm Hungary takes you to the places where she grew up. The 5 or 7 day long tour includes a visit to Budapest, the Hungarian capital, and Szolnok, her birthplace and former home. As a special attraction, the adventure contains an excursion to Transylvania, where she spent holidays and recorded memories of the grape harvest. The tour blends the past, with wonders of present day Hungary.

Author Linda Fischer and ZoOm Hungary Managing Director Richard Bogdan are available for interviews at their booth #467.

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Media Contact:
Linda Fischer
Minted Prose, LLC

About ZoOm Hungary
Richard Bogdan of ZoOm Hungary has over two decades of experience in the travel industry. He has shared his deep knowledge of Hungarian and Central European history, geography, and culture through travel writing and consulting with individuals and companies from around the world. In the United States he has engaged a network of travel agents and tour operators relying on his expertise in individual and group guidance, as well as tour organization. He is a travel agent and a licensed guide of Hungary in addition to being in partnership with the Virtuoso on-site agency for Hungary and the Hungarian National Tourist Office. Richard also works with international media crews covering Hungary and Central Europe, including the Travel Channel, History Channel, ABC, and numerous travel sites and magazines. Learn more about the sight-doing tours at

Media Contact:
Richard Bogdan
ZoOm Hungary

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