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PRESS RELEASE: What does Grandma Do When You’re Not With Her? New Picture Book Offers Reassuring Answers to a Timeless Question for Readers of All Ages

JULY 16, 2014, NEW YORK, NY

When Grandma’s family moves away, she longs for the wonderful times she spent with them. A trip to the attic sparks memories of fun from her own childhood, but something is still missing. How will Grandma rekindle the joy of the best times in her life and create more wonderful new moments?

In Grandma and Her Chocolate Labrador [Minted Prose, distributed by Small Press United, a subsidiary of Independent Publishers Group (IPG); Oct. 1, 2014, ISBN: 978-0-99057218-3, 36-page hardcover, $14.99], author P. J. Fischer shows just how much we have in common at every age, and how learning, loving, and growing never cease throughout our lives. It’s the perfect book for any child, parent, or grandparent who is also a dog lover.

What’s So Special about Grandma and Her Chocolate Labrador?

  • It’s fun to take a look at Grandma’s “secret life” when kids and parents are not around.
  • The story reassuringly resolves the question of how Grandma finds a new friend.
  • The book is a humorous starting point for discussing the importance of friendship at any age.

What Makes this Book Different from Other Picture Books about Grandmas?

  • Grandma’s bond with her dog is timely, given recent research about the positive effects of pets on the elderly.
  • The story is a spirited call to action against loneliness for older family members.

Marketing Plan

  • National media campaign
  • ARC distribution to key media and librarians
  • Online social media outreach on Facebook and Twitter
  • National review coverage
  • E-newsletter promotion

About the Author

P. J. Fischer was a little kid who lived around the corner from his grandmother. He used to bike over and stay a while, often with his dog Mustard. He was one of eight kids, with a big extended family and plenty of dogs, chickens, and rabbits—and his Grandma was always there. The author is also a godfather and was formerly an educator. This is his first children’s book.

About the Illustrator

Cindy Nguyen of Gau Family Studio, Des Moines, Iowa, is the lead illustrator for Grandma and her Chocolate Labrador. Gau Family Studio worked closely with Traitor Dachshund to create beautiful custom illustrations for this story.

About Traitor Dachshund

Traitor Dachshund is dedicated to making books inspired by two big ideas: kids are kids, and everyone knows the household pet is really in charge. Check out our launch title, A Dachshund’s Wish by Joe Tavano, with illustrations by Ji Yu. Traitor Dachshund is the children’s imprint of Minted Prose, an independent press in New York City founded in 2003.

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