Grandma and her Chocolate Labrador

When her family moves away, grandmother misses the wonderful old times. With the spark of a quick trip to the attic, grandma rekindles some of the fun of her own childhood. But something is still missing . . . something loyal and lovable. How will grandma bring the best times of her life together and create some new ones? The perfect book for generations to read together, Grandma And Her Chocolate Labrador shows just how much we have in common at every age, and how learning, loving, and growing never cease throughout our lives.

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Minted Prose, LLC
Children’s Fiction
36 pages
Publication Date:
October 1, 2014
8" x 10"
Age Level
4 to 8
Worldwide Rights Available
Traitor Dachshund®
14.1 ounces
Perfect Gift For:
Families, Labrador Lovers


Grandma and Her Chocolate Labrador is an inspiring intergenerational story that explores the meaning of loneliness and the need for ongoing connection and friends at all ages. Grandma is a sweet lady whose family and grandchildren move away from her home town, leaving her time and space to fill with other memories. Grandma turns to her photo albums of her childhood to remember some of the things she used to enjoy as a child. Gradually she rediscovers ways to cheer herself, finding a new pet fish, old toys to treasure and play with, and best of all, a new chocolate Labrador puppy brought to her by a neighbor boy. Things continue, and Grandma and Chocolate become best friends and companions to each other. Her family and grandchildren visit, and of course, they are growing up. Grandma is happy to have her new lifelong companion, Chocolate, her best friend. Tender paintings of Grandma and her pets and family hold the intimacy and warmth of the story, slightly enhanced by the memory of emptiness. Grandma and Her Chocolate Labrador is a heartwarming experience for children of all ages to share.”
—Midwest Book Review

“[A] moving story . . .”
—Elizabeth O’Brien, Children’s Literature Specialist, Miss O’s Library Land blog


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About The Book

The Author

P.J. Fischer

P.J. Fischer

Author P. J. Fischer was the little kid who lived around the corner from his grandmother. He used to bike over and stay a while! Back then, the author’s dog was named Mustard. He channeled Mustard into Chocolate and honored his grandmother with this story.

Author Q&A

What was your inspiration for Grandma and her Chocolate Labrador?

My family was one big smash up of eight kids, parents, grandparents, relatives, dogs, chickens, and rabbits. Everyone was in the mix and Grandma was always there.

Why did you write the book?

I wanted my family to remember those sweet times so I created Grandma and her Chocolate Labrador. Grandma’s inner life is shared with readers. This book is a starting point for discussing the importance of friendship at any age. It is a spirited call to action for a family to prevent older members from feeling lonely. It also shows the role that a pet can play as a friend and companion. In my story, Grandma takes charge and in the process true love springs forth. I hope you enjoy this tale!

The Illustrator

Cindy Nguyen of Gau Family Studio, Des Moines, Iowa, was the lead illustrator for Grandma and her Chocolate Labrador. Gau Family Studio worked closely with Traitor Dachshund to create beautiful custom illustrations for this story.