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Sled Dog Dachshund in BayWoof’s New Books for Dog Lovers

December 1, 2016, New York, NY

Bay Woof released a feature article about new books for dog lovers, noting the list would have something for everyone, including a touching children’s book. And since we were the only one on those on the list, we are going to take a leap of faith they were talking about Sled Dog Dachshund!

“This is a perfect bedtime story for kids, ages 5 to 7,” wrote BayWoof editor Judith Gallman. “It’s the tale of plucky sled dog wannabe, Jasper, a dachshund that’s a wee too small to be able to fit into a sled harness. But this puny little guy with a strong bark, good intentions, and a big heart won’t stand down and does his part to inspire the team to greatness in the world’s biggest sled race.”

Bay Woof is San Francisco Bay Area’s premier publication for dogs and their human companions. It serves as a voice in the local dog community and is an important resource throughout northern California.

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