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NEWS: It’s official - The Memory Book Launches in Hungary

May 31, 2017, Budapest, Hungary

We are pleased to announce that The Memory Book: One Woman’s Self-Discovery in the Mist of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy has launched in Hungary. Hungarians will now be able to read the book in their language.

Minted Prose said it was a pleasure to bring to Hungarians the beautiful vision of their country through the eyes of an adventuresome New York woman; the author was interested in exploring all aspects of the culture and the history. Her findings are reflected throughout the story and also in the lengthy bibliography of references at the end of the book. Minted Prose indicated the book is realistic and at times poetic.

“We are sure that this will be interesting to Hungarian readers,” according to Minted Prose.

The cover of The Memory Book in Hungarian

The cover of The Memory Book in Hungarian